Memorization in minutes,
helping students excel,
when they SING IT TO LEARN IT.

What is Musical Recall?3

Musical Recall Company started out in 1998 with one song.  We set out to satisfy the need of a desperate elementary school teacher in Costa Mesa, California. The 36 Preposition Song was born.  A class of forty plus fifth grade students, mostly speaking Spanish as their first language, quickly memorized all thirty six prepositions just by singing this straightforward jingle. 

The students quickly demanded a karaoke version so they could sing along with the song.  The success of this experiment was amazing and resulted in a suggestion from the teacher, specifically asking that we “not write any extra lyrics into the song”.  Her experience with other products, like those you might hear on Saturday morning cartoons, distracted her students and disrupted the class.   Due to the extra lyrics like the chorus and hook, the students were not able to retain the essential information usually found hidden deep within the verses.

This idea became the principle foundation of the Musical Recall Company; no superfluous lyrics dedicated to the instant recall of only the essential information.  It’s so simple yet so effective. It is the same way you memorized your ABCs. Bridge the memorization gap of your lesson plans or homework sessions with Musical Recall today.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you for your time and we truly appreciate your consideration.


Tim Pacific

Creator and President of the Musical Recall Company