Memorization in minutes,
helping students excel,
when they SING IT TO LEARN IT.


I wanted to also drop you a note to tell you how integral singing and chanting is at our school…we love your musical content and it fits perfectly into the classical style of learning. 
- Michelle Thomson, Administrator

I like the simplicity of your songs. - Theresa Huzel

I think the CD is a great idea.  …Thanks for the great work! I recommend the CD to all my daughter’s classmates. - Linda Hogarth

My fifth graders love the presidents and capitals song.  So helpful!!! - Sandra Jimenez

I teach second grade and we absolutely love the States and Multiplication Songs.  It is fantastic!! - Kathleen Coulter

These jingles have really helped my grandson.  Thank you soooo much! - PJ Eastin

My daughter had a test on the states and capitals that she had to take until she passed.  She took it three times and failed every time.  I ordered your CD and she passed the test one week later.  Thanks! - Laura Odenbach

We love the states and capitals song and the presidents - excellent! - Keven Dunn

Excellent product for auditory learners! - Denise Casadaban

I really liked the instrumental tracks as well.  Thanks for a great product. - Greg Harter

I discovered you website when I was searching for information to complete my assignment for an education degree. I loved the tune of Prime Numbers and vowed that if I completed my education and got a job that I would purchase your CD’s.  I now teach 2nd grade and we listen to the math CD regularly just for fun. - Yykiko Shibasaki