Memorization in minutes,
helping students excel,
when they SING IT TO LEARN IT.

Teachers and Parents - Supportive Suggestions

  • Have your students sing one song every day for a week followed by a short quiz.  You will be amazed at the retention.
  • Use Musical Recall to support your lesson plans.  The music will relax the students in order to build their confidence; mastering the essential information of your lesson preparation.
  • Split the class into sections or groups and have them compete against each other for participation points.  By splitting the class in half the students can compete to see which group can memorize a song faster.
  • Challenge the students to sing along with the instrumentals only; after a minimum of singing three times with the lyrics.
  • Have a talent show with kids!
  • Musical Recall as background music in the car, classroom or home, can influence learning through an alternative course of enhancement.

This system has been proven to work, not only over the short-term for a test, but also over the long-term as students will be able to recall a melody and its information for years to come.

“No more rote teaching! Make school work relaxed and intuitive!” 
Tim Pacific